Mucha Ceniza!

I learned two things yesterday: ash in Spanish is ceniza and Volcan Turrialba is much closer than I imagined!


The green dot is where I work. About half a millimeter north (5 km) of it is where I live.

Last week’s ashfall was nothing to yesterday’s. For a good part of the morning the sky over San Jose was a gray swirl of soot and everything from streets to cars to people received a good dusting of volcanic powder. The worst part of it was the stuff getting in your eyes and nose and even your mouth if you dared talk. Not in the least bit pleasant!

Nevertheless, a coworker and I made an adventure out of face mask hunting and had a hilarious time with it!  We went to two pharmacies before we found masks, and asking for eye drops in our broken Spanish made for an interesting interlude with the clerk. Outside, it seemed like we were the only ones donning the ridiculous, oversized masks and definitely got some funny looks. Either the Ticos have an exceptional ash-resistant respiratory system or they’ve developed an immunity for it because they didn’t seem to be bothered at all!

IMG_20160520_133952920_HDR (2)

But the effects of the eruption in San Jose and Heredia were nothing to what the area around the volcano suffered. Reports showed inches of ash on the roads and on crops and animals in the region. From what my local friends have told me, there are tons of farms and and cattle ranches that have been adversely affected.


Borrowed Image

I also heard that several flight have been canceled because of decreased visibility, and I’m really hoping it’ll clear up by Tuesday. My sister, her boyfriend, and a several friends are coming to visit and it would really suck if they can’t make it. Fingers and toes crossed!!!!