Be Positive. Or Not.

Earlier today I received some rather annoying news. Instead of outwardly showing my irritation and anger, I put down my phone, picked up a book and started reading it.  My friend was there and he made a comment about how seemingly calm my reaction was.

“What’s the point in getting mad about it,” was my reply. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Just like they teach in yoga.

This was all part of my efforts to be more positive and to see the best in the worst situations. I was especially conscious about this being that there’s a full moon tonight.

I felt so proud of myself. What an enlightened, highly evolved human being!


Uhhh, maybe not.

I just came upon this poem that made me reevaluate what it means to become a better person and I had to post it. The words are copied below but the video is so much more powerful. I recommend watching it.

“Be radically present with yourself.” That so resonates with me.


Stop shaming feelings of anger, of doubt, of depression and guilt.
Stop it.
It is not ‘less than’, it is not lower vibration.
It is not.
It is our human experience in full glory.
It is the vastness of our nature.
It just IS.

And the biggest tribute to the soul is to merge with that vastness.
To have the fucking tits or balls to feel what you feel.
Whatever it is.
Move with that energy.
Don’t blame others.
Don’t blame yourself.
Just feel.

Hear the intelligence of these feelings.
They are guides.
Visiting you in full trust of your essence: infinite love.
Dark guides that are just as sacred as our Light guides.
Let them visit you.
Let their intelligence speak.
Let their loyal visits remind you of how relentlessly they invite you to embrace them.
Even if you don’t.

Be radically present with yourself.
Be with the resistance, be with the openness.
Be with the bliss, be with the dirt.

And fuck anyone that tells you to ‘suck it up’, ‘to change the way you feel in order to heighten your vibration’, ‘be at peace’ when you most certainly feel like fire is blazing out of your belly.
Fuck anyone that tells you how to feel.
I’m a glorious representation of nature.
I shine, I rain, I thunder, I storm, I am the noise and the silence.

And I will not be anything less to comfort you or your beliefs.

– Sharona Lautoe


Finally…Hello, 2017

It’s 11 days into 2017 and it hasn’t really felt like a new year. Admittedly, I haven’t put a lot of effort into welcoming the year. The last couple of months of 2016 were financially and emotionally challenging times. There was drama, there were tears, and there were a couple of friendships lost. While I believe that some people simply don’t belong in our lives, it’s never pleasant to break bonds with people we care about.

The holidays were mostly restful and relaxing though marred by a few unpleasant events which, for the sake of starting afresh, I will not go into detail here.

The important thing is that the first full moon of the year is here tomorrow.  Those who know me well know that I’m a total selenophile.


What I love about the moon is that it is a constant reminder for me that life is a continuous series of cycles. And every moment is an opportunity to create a new beginning. The turn of the year may not have been what I had hoped it to be, but tomorrow is a new day.  In concurrence with 2017’s first full moon, I’m determined to get excited about this year and to crank up a positive outlook on things.

Outside my window I can see the almost full moon. It’s beautiful, hopeful, and promising.

Finally, I can wholeheartedly welcome 2017.