Day 27: My fave recipe

I’ve been living a “semi-paleo” lifestyle for almost six years now and my favorite recipes are all paleo friendly. But before I go on, I should explain what I mean by semi-paleo. It means I try to adhere to the 80/20 rule, which means I follow the paleo diet pretty strictly on weekdays and on weekends eat whatever I want.   Emphasis on try because these days, really I eat whatever’s available and when I can afford to and have the time to dedicate to it, I eat paleo.

Having said that, I do paleo-ize my favorite foods, which if you know me by now involve a lot of chocolate and desserts! Paleo brownies are a guilt free pleasure I absolutely love. Almond flour and coconut flour are very hard to come by (and very expensive) in Costa Rica so I only make them on spacial occasions*.

*Special occasions include rainy days, stressful days, happy days, feel good days… I guess I make them all the time! 

paleo brownies

paleo brownies instructions

And voila! 

paleo brownies

So good and good for you!

Big thanks to Oh Snap! Let’s Eat for this recipe!


Day 21: 10 Favorite Foods

Only 10?

I’m going to have to really think this through because I love food!

  1. Sushi. Hands down my favoritest food in the world! I prefer the authentic kind, obviously–nigiris, sashimi, hand rolls–but if someone puts a California roll in front of me, I’d eat it.
  2. A traditional Palauan meal. What I love about a traditional Palauan meal is the simplicity.  Brak, dryland taro, cultivated and prepared by a mechas, old lady or grandma; smoked or fried fish caught off the reef the same morning or the night before; a little soy sauce (adopted into the diet from Japanese colonial times) with local hot peppers. Sometimes it’s accompanied by some sauteed kankum, local spinach, and/or billum, grated tapioca/cassava wrapped in dried ti or coconut leaves and boiled.
  3. Bagels with cream cheese and lox. I developed a taste for them while living in Boston. It’s hard to come by anywhere other than in the U.S. and a rare treat.
  4. Tamales. Many Latin American countries have their own version but so far I’ve only tried Mexican and Costa Rican.  Apparently the types of tamales out there are unnumerable and I must try all of them!
  5. Pancit. This dish conjures up childhood memories of my mother preparing it in the kitchen and me helping slice the calamansi, tiny local lemons, for garnishing.
  6. Pho. I haven’t made it to Vietnam (yet) but I already know the pho there is unbelievably good. Every bowl of this flavorful noodle soup I’ve had (all outside of its motherland) has been out-of-this-world!
  7. Hawaiian poke. I. Love. Tuna. Which causes a huge moral dilemma for me because I believe in the preservation of our marine animals and many species of tuna are going extinct.  Now I only ever have poke when I’m back in Palau or if I know for sure that the tuna 1) isn’t on the endangered list and 2) it was sustainably caught.
  8. Croissants. Especially chocolate or almond. Yuuuuuuumy!!!
  9. Ice cream. Who doesn’t like ice cream???? Even the lactose intolerant or vegans have their version of these frozen nectar from the gods!
  10. Chocolate. Come on, you knew it’d be on the list. I’m surprised I didn’t put it as number one!