Since I left the shores of my country of birth at the age of two, I’ve been adrift in this incredible, awe-inspiring, beautifully crazy world. I’ve lived in six different countries, traveled a handful of others, and am currently learning a fifth language. On several attempts, I tried to “settle down” and live a “normal” life  (as defined by everyone else but me), but it never quite worked out. Maybe it’s the wanderlust that runs through my veins or the nomadic restlessness that is my birthright as a Pacific Islander that keeps me seeking new adventures and deeper knowledge on this planet. Whatever it is, I’m ever so grateful for the privilege to travel and for the infinite learning and growth it affords me.

In my early years, growing up a second class citizen in a country I called home and having very little means or opportunities, it was hard to imagine I’d be where I am today. But with some help from serendipity, a lot of support from my family, and my own hard work and drive, I’ve unanchored myself from the so-called limitations and obstacles of my circumstances.

This blog chronicles my journey around the planet–seeking, finding, and living the adventures (and misadventures) of life adrift.  It is also a platform for conversation about the things that are important to me, including travel, empowerment, yoga, environmental awareness, food and so much more.  Drift along with me and enjoy the flow!