Day 19: What I collect

When I had more of a permanent home and traveling meant vacation as opposed to lifestyle, I collected all sorts of knick knacks and souvenirs. Shot glasses. Key chains. Post cards. Spoons. Ticket stubs. T-shirts. Stuffed animals.

They took a lot of space, that’s for sure. And I bet if I had kept all the receipts I’d realize I spent an obscene amount of money on them.

But they’re all gone now. There was no way I was going to take all (or any) of them with me on my nomadic journey. They’d only way me down and ultimately, I realized, it’s more important for me to collect memories than things anyway.

So now I collect recipes from each place I spend time in. Homestays are great for that, by the way. What better way to remember a place than by its food and flavors? As something of a foodie myself, tastes serve as delicious souvenirs.

Memories I collect in my heart and mind. It’s not corny, it’s practical and priceless. Pictures and Facebook also help preserve those moments. And now, thanks to WordPress and the wonderful invention that is the web, I’m hoping that chronicling my adventures (and mishaps) will preserve the many memories I collect on this journey.



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